NOLA Softball League Commissioner Resigns


NOLA Softball League Commissioner Al Loupe has apparently resigned his position as the head man in charge of the league according to a post to his personal Facebook page.

Here is the text of the Facebook post from 5/14/2014:

Well…. A chapter in my life comes to an end.  I resigned as Nola Softball League commissioner today.  It has been a long and rewarding experience serving on the board, and I have learned a lot from my time.  I look forward to continuing to coach and play on Avita’s Hit Dats and managing Avita’s Tap Dats.  Thanks to everyone that has believed in me and has been a part of this experience.  I’m excited to see the continued forward motion of Nola Softball League.

With the apparent resignation of Mr. Loupe the NOLA Softball League will be on its third commissioner in about one year’s time.  Per Section 5.07 of the NOLA Softball League bylaws, the outgoing commissioner will appoint a replacement to fill the remainder of the current term.  All indications point to assistant commissioner C.J. Davidson being appointed to that spot, but it seems as if anyone that is a member in good standing with the NOLA Softball League can be appointed to the position.

Mark Boline, founder of the NOLA Softball League and the first commissioner of the league resigned mid-season last year and appointed Loupe.  Now, the same scenario is playing out again one year later.

The DD has a request into the NOLA Softball League for comment on this situation.  We have no information at this time on whether or not Mr. Loupe’s decision to step down had anything to do with the less than flattering ratings issue that the NOLA Board of Trustees dealt with a month ago or not.  There has been no official confirmation from the league that the commissioner’s post has been vacated.  Here is a link to the Dish’s article chronicling the team that was effected – .

More to come on this situation as it develops.

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8 Responses to NOLA Softball League Commissioner Resigns

  1. .... says:

    You need to find something else to worry about… For an organization that people volunteer for you tend to like to feed on drama. Until you know all the facts why don’t you mind you own business and write about something worth while.

  2. Al Loupe says:

    To clarify things…. I did not resign due to the undo drama that was played out by the ADL’s having to use correct ratings. I resigned so that I could enjoy playing and coaching my team Avita’s Hit Dats that i felt I had negleted during my time as commissioner.
    The reason that ADL’s were brought before the Ratings Committee that NSL managers appointed was due to the fact of them using multiple ratings at different tournaments that they traveled to. The whole point was to have a consistent ratings roster for their in league play and for when they traveled to tournaments.
    I stand behind every decision that was made by the Ratings Committee and can honestly say that ADL’s were not “targeted” as they say they were. I feel that one on the biggest problems that ADL’s had was a lack of communcation from their manager not to mention his forging signatures on his teams rating roster that was turned into the Ratings Committee.
    Al of this drama needs to be put to rest, as NSL has a great group of board members that will continue to move NSL in a positive direction.
    Al Loupe

    • Al is a lying says:

      Keep perpetuating the lies Al! No one outside of the Drunk Dats group buys it! You are ignorant and incompetent. You need to learn to deal with the consequences of your actions. You made this mess now you want to run away from it. Everyone knows the truth. People make mistakes and you did but it’s made even worse when you cant own your mistakes. NSL is better off with out you in charge. NSL has suffered enough embarrassment thanks to you. Do the league another favor and just shut up already!

  3. Al's a joke says:

    Different rosters?? Interesting. The rosters might have been adjusted after a clear understanding of the questions that the raitings committe held. But you were there for the leagues rating clinic…right al?

    • Al says:

      Until the person that’s running their mouth has the balls to put their name on here this deserves nothing else.

  4. Al Loupe, always the representation of professionalism. (I hope you are picking up on the sarcasm because I’m laying it on pretty thick…)

  5. You are going to think stupidity when the very unprofessional texts and messages are posted that you sent to various members of the league. Locked and loaded. Have a great day!

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