World Series Predictions: D Division


     2014 GSWS Tournament Predictions: D Division

The 2014 GSWS is upon us and it’s now time for the predictions for each division to be released to get us all revved up and ready to go for the week of competition.  Note that this information is based on expected pool play results that then lead into a seed that lends to a higher percentage of winning the tournament.  This is not an exact science because none of us really know what team will be brought to the tournament, however these choices were made based on information regarding each team’s regular season performance, tournament performance and past GSWS performance where applicable.

D Division

Pool A

Projected Winner –     Seattle Xtreme

Pool B

Projected Winner-     Fort Lauderdale Village Pub Underdogs

Pool C

Projected Winner-     Palm Springs Gorillas

Pool D

Projected Winner-     San Diego PECS

Pool E

Projected Winner-     Atlanta Flyers

Pool F

Projected Winner-    Long Beach Queen Marys

Pool G

Projected Winner-     Houston Divers

Pool H

Projected Winner-     Knoxville Cyclones

Pool J

Projected Winner-     Houston Sons of Pitches

Pool K (6 team pool)

Projected Winner-     Rhode Island Rebels

Pool L (6 team pool)

Projected Winner-     Los Angeles West Hollywood Swingers

Pool M (6 team pool)

Projected Winner-     Seattle Muffin Tops

GSWS Champion:     Knoxville Cyclones

With a 63 team D Division tournament it makes it VERY hard to select a winner.  However, the DD doesn’t have any problem putting the Cyclones of Knoxville out front and center as the team to beat in this year’s D Division tournament.  Obviously, it is difficult to say what teams will experience unfortunate circumstances or bad match ups in double elimination, but we believe that the Knoxville Cyclones if no problems occur has the best opportunity to win it all.

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