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9:45 pm – Well “The Dish” made it to the Capitol of The Lone Star State!
The party is rocking at Oil Can Harry’s! We’ll see everyone at the fields tomorrow morning!


11:15 am – Games have been underway since 8 am this morning! Beautiful weather and great fields here in Austin! Just a couple hours left of pool play before double elimination starts. We will have bracket info and score info starting with double elimination!


11:00 am – Teams have been eliminated starting late last night. Due to a bracketing issue the double elimination tournament did not start for all divisions until 5 pm central time yesterday. Play began at 8 am and trophy time is approaching fast.

C Division is down to 8 teams remaining with DAL Synergy taking on AUS Power in the first winners bracket semifinal. The HOU Wild will be up against DAL Woody’s Wreckin’ Crew in the second semifinal.

The D-Competitive Division is also down to 8 teams with the HOU Sons of Pitches taking on the DAL Dive in the first winners bracket semifinal. The NOLA Hot Mess Express will meet the HOU Divers in the other semifinal. Check the Diamond Dish twitter page @softballdish for live inning by inning updates on that game.

Check for score updates on Twitter @softballdish !

2:00 pm – And then there were four! The 2014 Texas Shootout is down to 4 remaining teams in both the C and D Divisions.

In the C Division, DAL Woody’s Wreckin’ Crew is the only team left in the winners bracket as they are waiting for a team to come out of the losers bracket to challenge them for the title. The AUS Power are in the losers bracket final awaiting the winner of the OKC Ramage and the AUS Outlaws.

In the D Division, the HOU Divers await a challenger from the losers bracket in the championship game. NOLA Hot Mess will meet the AUS Pride in just a few minutes to earn the right to play tr DAL Dive in the losers bracket final.

Championship games are slated for 4 pm and 5 pm for C and D respectively. We’ll have the updates!

7:00 pm  –  Champions have been crowned in the 2014 Texas Shootout.  Here are the final trophy teams for this year’s tournament:

C Division

1st Place – DAL Woody’s Wreckin’ Crew

2nd Place – TUL Oklahoma Rampage

3rd Place – AUS ATX Power

D Division – Competitive 

1st Place – HOU Divers

2nd Place – DAL Dive

3rd Place – NOLA Hot Mess

D Division – Recreational

1st Place – AUS Los Tigres

2nd Place – AUS Brass House Ball’rz

3rd Place – AUS Sofa King Good


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