Launching “The Dish”

Welcome to The Diamond Dish.  We are officially launching our blog by thanking in advance anyone who is reading and checking this blog now and in the future.

Softball is a fun sport that people play at the recreational, amateur and professional levels across the world.  The “DD” will focus mostly on recreational gay slow pitch softball.  More precisely we are focusing on covering NAGAAA member city leagues, their tournaments, the NAGAAA Cup and of course the always looming Gay Softball World Series.

With that being said, we here at the DD want to make it perfectly clear that we are an independent blog spot and that we are in no way affiliated or influenced by the NAGAAA.  From time to time we may have guest blog reports and those views may not reflect the views or values of the DD.

By launching the DD we hope to illuminate the public on the world of gay softball so that league members in any city can check out the goings on in the tournament scene, league play and of course at the GSWS.

The biggest question we’ve asked ourselves here at the DD before launching is if what we’re planning on doing is important?  The obvious answer to that question has been and always will be that the gay softball community will decide that…..not the DD.

With that being said the majority of the leagues around the country have already begun their regular seasons to decide World Series berths with a few starting over the next few weeks as well.  We look forward to working with the leagues around the United States and Canada along with various league members to bring you as much accurate and up to date information as we can.

Let’s Play Ball!

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